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QPQ’S mission is to enable our clients to focus on the why and the what of their company, instead of spending time and effort on the how - that's QPQ'S job!


Our lead consultants have an extensive and expansive range of experience covering more than 30 years combined experience to help you reach your objectives.


At QPQ Consulting, we unlock insight and act through our extensive experience by bringing the right people together to challenge established thinking and look to drive transformation.


Our unique management perspective, innovative thinking and broad experience help our clients at a wide range of organisations answer their most important questions and make crucial decisions with confidence. QPQ Consulting’s aim is to provide the how of the business, allowing our clients to focus on the “why and the what” of their business to make it a success.


​By offering services around business and corporate operations, QPQ’s goal is to bring best practices, standards and tools that will make your business stronger and last well beyond the results that you’re achieving today.


QPQ has an extensive network of associates and specialists which enables us to work with you on every aspect of your business.

Jan is the founder of QPQ Consulting, established to provide entrepreneurs and existing SME's with the support to focus on the "what they are good at" without worrying about the difficulties of how to do it. The overriding ethos behind the firm's approach is the principle of "Quid Pro Quo" between us and our clients. Jan’s passion is to provide clients with the assistance they need to grow and be able to surpass their goals.


He provides the vision for the firm and oversight on project deliveries and client relationships.


Jan's entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his experience of taking start-ups within PLC's and independent companies, from inception to profitability and helping existing businesses grow and evolve, means that he has developed a wide range of understanding, skills, and experience to help drive clients' businesses forwards - taking them from where they are now, to where they aspire to be.


Founder and
Managing Partner


+44 (0) 7779 597 016


Jas has a strong commercial awareness of what makes for a successful idea as well as vast experience of turning those ideas into reality.


With extensive experience with new start-ups, business development, social media, managed events and digital, he has been responsible for launching and delivering successful projects with particular emphasis on strategy, quality management, process design, improvement and implementation, on-line communities and delivery of return on investment to partners and clients.


Jas brings an extra dimension to QPQ, encompassing sales, business development, marketing, business strategy and project management. He has been responsible for conceptualising, business planning, launching new businesses and has an eye for exploring new revenue streams.


Senior Partner


+44 (0) 7949 067635


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